Custom Cut Glass NYC

In case you damaged your existing glass or you bought new furniture and want to protect it from scratches and damages or you have your apartment renovated or want to make some changes in your house Glass Mirror NYC will help you with it.
We can supply you with the glass for every need. It can be regular, tempered, laminated, mirrored,crackled glass or insulated units. The thickness starts from 1/8″ for glass and mirror for picture frames or medicine cabinets and up to thick custom made laminated glass and insulated units.

As for the edge finish it may be cleancut, seamed, flat polished, beveled, pencil polish. It depends on where you will use the glass and what edge finish you like most of all.
We cut glass to custom square, rectangular circle sizes and any non-standard shape. In case it is a non- standard shape glass our specialist will measure the glass for you or make a template if it is required.

We can also offer tinted or back colored glass according to your ideas. Tinted glass does not have many choices white back colored glass may be of any color. Our professionals will deliver the glass and install it using the clear plastic buttons if needed to provide the ventilation between the glass and the base.

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