Glass Mirror Nyc services

stands amongst the top glass works companies serving in NYC, NJ and tri-state area. With our team of professional glass works experts, whether it is your home, office or a high rise apartment building, we are fully capable of converting your dreams into a reality. Our range of services covers almost everything that comes under the glass works niche for both residential and commercial domains, including glass fabrication, glass installation, glass repair and glass replacement services.

Custom Antique Mirror In New York

Antique Mirrors

With the modern style filling every household, there has been a recent return to vintage-style interior design. The modern audience may be getting tired of the stylish look of current interior design, and so we are drawn back to…

Bevelled Mirror New York

Custom Mirrors

We have extensive experience installing floor-to-ceiling mirrors in NYC apartments, vanity mirrors to complete the look of your bathroom, or adding mirrors to other pieces of furniture for a truly one-of-a-kind and elegant look.

NYC Glass Railing for Staircase

Glass Stair Railings

Glass railings add a modern look to your residential or commercial space with its in-house manufactured high quality glass railings. Our glass railing systems are sleek and sophisticated and can be used for stair, deck, pool or balcony.

Custom Steel Glass Partitions

Glass Wall Partitions

Glass Mirror NYC manufactures a wide range of luxury glass walls partition systems,  glass dividers for offices or glass dividers for rooms, which are specially designed to enhance the interior and exterior of a a commercial…

Glass Doors For Shower

Glass Shower Doors

Our company manufactures and installs shower doors and enclosures throughout the New York metropolitan area. We service all of New York City: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, Long Island, and outlying areas.

Glass Table Mirrors

Custom Glass Table Top

Glass Table Top are an excellent choice for many reasons. Firstly, they are surprisingly versatile and will work with any theme that you have – whether that’s antique, country, minimalist, modern, or whatever else.

Kitchen Backsplash Glass nyc

Kitchen Backsplash Glass

For a sleek and modern appearance, the addition of a glass tile backsplash to the kitchen or bathroom is a wonderful way to upgrade a room’s overall aesthetics. A backsplash glass instantly upgrades the way a room…

Custom glass shelves In New York

Custom Glass Shelves

Custom glass shelves are each designed for their unique purpose, and because of the material they can be shaped and crafted to perform whatever function and finish, whatever design philosophy it is required of…

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